If ever the history of martial arts comes to be written in South Africa the name Hoosain Narker will certainly feature prominently. Such has been the impact of this karate maestro Hoosain Narker Kaicho whose track record is outstanding having grown from humble beginnings to a global martial arts leader in his own right.

As a matter of interest, years ago in my constant contact with Hoosain (we have a friendship going back over 35 years), I’ve realised that this unassuming karate leader has the Midas touch in that whatever he touches in the karate field turns to gold.

It is not often in the karate world that you find a technically sound karate exponent who is also an outstanding administrator; one such individual without a shadow  of doubt is Hoosain Narker. That speaks volumes for the intellect and organisational ability of the man!

Having read the author’s previous books, I have no reservation in stating that this instructional manual that they will be releasing will be successful and more importantly beneficial to our karate family around the globe.

May I congratulate both Hoosain Kaicho and Erik Petermann on another brilliant initiative and recommend to all our karate members around the world to acquire a copy of the said book as I am of the view you will not be disappointed.

Best sporting regards

Sonny Pillay Hanshi (8th Dan)

Chief Instructor: Shotokan Karate International SA
President: Karate South Africa
President: Commonwealth Karate Federation (CKF)
Member Technical Board World Karate Federation (WKF)

It is my pleasure to write on Ashihara Karate – Sabaki, the Essential Guide to Mastering the Art by Hoosain Narker and Erik Petermann.

I have known Narker Kaicho for many years and consider him a close friend and part of the karateka that I band together as “old students” of the art. I reserve this designation to those who have continuously trained in the Way without fail for decades, who have donned the dogi in a singular pursuit of improvement and good, and who train without fail, acknowledging the many sacrifices that such focused dedications entail throughout their day to day lives. I cannot emphasize enough this sacrifice and commitment that essentially helps others understand the mysteries of the art.  The mysteries, as I refer to them, are neither mystic nor supernatural, but rather those powers locked within each and every one of us. These are unlocked through educated and experienced instruction, of the type that our good Narker Kaicho is so capable of doing through his brand of expertise and commitment to excellence.

Karate, properly taught, has almost limited physical complexities and power.  Yet it is honed and harnessed through its philosophies and student development, through excellent instruction to become an art for purpose and the Way of good.

Ashihara Karate-Sabaki, the Essential Guide to Mastering the Art brings together Kaicho’s thoughts, aided so ably by Erik Petermann’s own noted experiences and expertise. The pictures alone are priceless!

When I think of Kaicho’s teaching, I think of contemporary.  Modern day combined with elements of the traditional. This is the type of instruction that makes a difference and relates to the world that we live in without duplicity.

I am honoured to endorse Kaicho and his teaching, and to know him as a brother in Budo. Enjoy this book!


Kancho Dan S. Soller (9th dan)
Chairman & Chief Instructor
Phoenix Karate-do Association Kyokushinkai International

I’ve been looking at the draft and it is OUTSTANDING.

You have long been a hero of mine, not just for your martial skill but for your incredible intelligence, energy and organisational ability.  To see you translate that energy and intelligence into an excellent primer on Ashihara karate is a source of joy to me.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to review a pre-publication draft of your book.  I am certain it will be an international best seller and look forward to adding it to my shelf of cherished martial arts tomes next to John Sells “Unante” and Dr David Kriegers “Pacific Karate manual”.

Hank Prohm (Shito Ryu Shihan USA)

I have to say…it’s so systematically made…already a fan…before even the release. It deals with so many issues that are usually unanswered for beginners of Budo…this book is such a great help

Shyam Sreekumar, (former Enshin Karate black belt, India)

First impression- This is one of the most comprehensive books I’ve read. The various angles used from differing perspectives are almost to my knowledge a first. I wish I had a guide like this much earlier in my journey to enable me to make an informed decision.

I really am grateful that many people will be reading this book for whom you are opening the doors of karate than just brutes like myself who use to relish bashing people around out of pride really. At the club you visited in my home town Leicester, I’ve heard MMA fighters open up and talk of their fear going up those stairs on a Friday, when they knew we would be up there welcoming them in for knock down sport. This type of atmosphere like you’ve stated may be enjoyable to some, however it excluded the many who may have wanted to take part in karate for many other reasons then just being punched around. All the classes were geared to achieving entry in to knock down.

I am pleased to be part of this adventure. For me it’s a real turn around, a shift in mind-set. Now all can enjoy and take what they want out of it and be able to defend themselves if needed.

Ali (Kyokushin student, UK)

I had some time to read and then went through it almost entirely. It’s a great book. Well-written, excellent use of language, reads easily, read through it in a couple of hours. You can see the authors are very intelligent and well read.

Of course, you know me, I like the new stuff. The stances, the basics like tying the belt; I haven’t found that anywhere from AKI sources I have available. I like how it’s detailed, that is, why the moves are done. I think that is very important. It helped me a lot understanding more of ashihara karate. To give an example, the stances, kiai, tying your belt, blocking, punching, kata/combinations etc. are used for the reason of…

I also like the pad work since they use that in Muay Thai too and I think it’s brilliant to use that in karate too.

Frederik Bossens (Distance Learning Student – Belgium)

I’ve skimmed the book (not read word for word) and have to say, I love how comprehensive it is. Starting with etiquette and simply dressing is a great idea. I love the bullfighter analogy which I think fits Ashihara perfectly. The hardness of the style is well balanced by the use of your young students in the pics and all look fit, competent and happy. The high kicks are very impressive so it made me laugh when, at the end, I read about your TaeKwonDo credentials.

All in all, I think it is a well-constructed book that would benefit many outside of Ashihara and as such, the title may be overly limiting? Also, although you do cover the whole spectrum of the art, the look and feel of it feels as if it is targeted at young teens. Was that your intention? I guess it depends on your target audience. Overall though, it looks great and I definitely want one on my shelf when it is completed! Thanks for sharing.

Gavin Mulholland (Goju Ryu Shihan UK)

 I have been reviewing your book… very nicely done… well written.

 Dr Ted Gambordella (Martial Arts Author – USA)

The best thing about the book & the author Kaicho Hoosain Narker, is that it stays true to Ashihara karate as taught by Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara. Sabaki Self-defence techniques taught in its simplest form. Wish you all the best Kaicho with the launch of the book. Osu!

Leslie Ng, Ashihara Karate – Singapore

This book is an important encyclopaedia of the art of Ashihara Karate and contains very valuable information and techniques for teachers and students alike. The beautiful thing about the creation of this book is that it comes from experts and one of the most important leaders of Ashihara Karate in today’s world.

Ahmed Alhouli, Ju Jutsu Shihan – Kuwait

In reading your fascinating draft manuscript I cannot help but smile at your straight answers given to all those so-called “mystical powers & abilities” that certain Sensei’s thrive on to impress existing and prospective students. Yes! to keep the money rolling in………….!!!

Unscrupulous sensei’s will not hesitate to deceive unsuspecting students in withholding information about the history, background, styles, personalities, values, effectiveness of techniques, grades etc.

You have managed to explain in simple language the chasm between real karate and popular karate. This simplicity of the language enables the student to grasp all the essentials immediately… indeed grips the imagination of the beginner student. The manner in which you bring the Art of Ashihara Karate across to the reader is most effective, easy to digest and therefore enjoyable. During my 53 years of training and teaching karate I have read a considerable amount of martial arts literature ………

I have no hesitation in stating to you that this is an outstanding contribution to the karate world and know that this would be an extremely successful manual for all-styles karate practitioners.

Johan Roux, Karate-Zen Kaiso – South Africa

Your Sabaki Book is a very comprehensive one about Karate for beginners, intermediates, advanced students & Instructors. It’s an encyclopaedia of the Ashihara system explaining ‘All you ever wanted to know about Ashihara Karate, but, didn’t know whom to ask.’ It broadens the reader’s perspective about the actual Art, the core being Sabaki

Khusveer Engineer, karateka – India

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